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A call to help one turned into a business to help all

We truly believe that not everyone needs to get entangled in new technologies when developing a website for their business. But such people are discriminated against with rip-off charges for the tech service they need. This is what we are here to put an end to.

It all started with a client who runs a real estate business in Colorado. He has been one of the many people who was charged extravagantly for developing his website due to a lack of transparency. But luckily he ran into us after 3 failures to get transparent pricing.

But does it end here? No. What if there are others like him getting ripped off by the greedy geeks? That is why Reallect was born – to help real estate businesses succeed in the online world at a cost as transparent as glass.

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What you will get?

Our values pump the fuel in us to be the best

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Full transparency

We will surprise you with our service and not with the amount you are charged.


Client above self

Keeping a client happy is always the best business strategy. Isn’t it?


Consistent quality

We want to keep things simple yet progressive for you. Thus, maintaining quality is our priority.

Reallect is like water - transparent and inexpensive yet invaluable - for real estate businesses looking to thrive in the online world.

Mukesh Ram

Founder and CEO - Reallect

22 June

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